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We understand how you think as a boat-owner. Trust us!

Many owners of larger boats need to transport their boat for various reasons. We have extensive experience with large scale motor boats and have the know how to safely run, dock and manouver your boat. In a buy/sell situation, the transport to its new location is important, and the ability to deliver the boat to the next owner at a specific time, can be exactly why he will buy YOUR boat. My partner Christoffer Thoresen and myself have combined great knowledge of yachts and are able to move boats up to 50 BRT. (into the 70-75 foot range) utilizing the  Deck Officer D5 certificate. We are also able to be your own captain duing a cruise/party and this prohibit you from taking the steeringwheel by yourself, or you simply just want all your time with your family, business partners, friends etc.

Call us today for more information!
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