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For many years, Play Marine has kept a close eye to the European powerboat market through many kinds of networks. Over the years, we have gained great knowledge about where to find hi-performance boats, and who to deal with. In addition, we have co-operated under the umbrella of Fountain World Wide Inc. and know about many good boats available in Europe and abroad. This have led to a data base of owners, dealers, poker run organizers, boat enthusiasts and potential buyers for boats. We supply all these with news and good offers on special boats. We do not favor any specific brands, but have as a representative for Fountain Powerboats in Norway, achieved a high grade of knowledge with FOUNTAIN POWERBOATS, market wise and technically.

We go beyond your own country and advertize in many different countries. Play Marine reach out to a wider public around the globe, and connect buyers and sellers to make buy and sell of custom boats faster and a lot easier. This can save you thousands, even hundreds of thousands in some cases. Our aim is to get you, the customer, a product that give you the value you expect for a right price. Through this continues process and good work, the long term goal is to build a stronger interest for high performance speed boats in Europe.

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