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Timing & Availability...

One huge benefit when trading a boat that already is within Europe opposed to finding a boat in USA, is timing and the ease of getting it to the customer quickly. The process is shorter, and you get your boat much faster. There is very often delays when shipping from US to the end user, as there are so many parts in the chain where problems can occure (and they sometimes do!). In other words, if you plan a holiday with your new imported boat, the deal has to be signed at an early stage.

Generally, the boats found in US, are cheaper to buy, but before it is here with everything paid, the story can be another one. In some cases, it is possible to do a really good deal for a boat that is already taxed and certified as the amount of people interested in powerboats in Europe is lower than in America.

is one important factor. Over 80% of American powerboats are not possible to import correctly into Europe, and which boats that the other 20% are, can be difficult for the consumer to know. We know! These boats has to be certified, and that is NOT something you do by yourself. It takes time, and require the importer to follow up many practical issues while underway this process. Leave it to us! There are also a few tricks we have learned over the years.

are another factor that use to change underway with US imports. Payments and transit documentation can play an important role in the process, but with boats already in Europe, this is a lot quicker to do.

is the last part before a purchase. Many want to test their new boat before the decition is done. If the boat is already in Europe, you can do the whole thing in just one day. This have been one of the reasons why our customers usually end up buying a boat from Europe instead of traveling to the USA. If the boat is found OK, Play Marine can pick the boat up and deliver it to the customer normally within a week. Try that with a US-boat!

For our most demanding customers who still want a boat from USA, we are happy to take on the job. After many trips to Florida, Tenessee, Kentucky etc. we have got good experience when inspecting boats for European customers. If you have found a boat you like, do not hesitate to ask for the necesary help if you plan to import. It is something you will spend a lot more time on than with a "Europen" powerboat. We can do the whole process.
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