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It's all in the rigging!

To go super fast, there are a lot of parameters that have to be correctly dialed-in on your boat. We have seen a lot of boats and have made many of them a lot faster and safer. With extensive rigging experience from single outboard speed boats, I learned alot about how to get boats faster and more stable. We have also sold a lot of upgrades for this kind of boats. For example the drive height (prop axle relative to the boat's bottom) is cruicial to the boat's ride attitude, comfort, stability, level of safety, enjoyment and fuel economy.  It affects both the bow lift (the propeller's abilty to rise the bow and make the boat fly efficiently above the water surface) and the hydrodynamic resistance thet slows the boat down. To find a perfect set-up, one also have to take into considderation the center of gravity in the boat and the distance from the end of the hull 8usually a V-pad on modern boats) to evaluate the correct drive height. On an outboard motor, it is easy to adjust it with an electric jackplate/powerlift. On an inboard boat, the drive installation can only be done once, and you have optional spacers to put in between the upper housing and the lower unit. If you need advice when re-powering or make changes to your boat, do not hesitate to contact us for an evaluation.
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