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Become a high speed specialist with Play Marine!

When you bought your hi-performance boat, you chose a boat that represent something extraordinary. A boat that reflect your personality. To enable enjoyment out of your ownership, we provide a service for you. It takes time to get used to a boat this fast, and knowledge about how to handle all kinds of sea conditions and circumstances can make a real difference. Contact us if you want to be a faster, safer pilot in your new fast boat. Your passengers will also feel the difference. My own experience from racing boats and testing in many kinds of powerboats make it posible for you to go through a course that you will be happy you took.

It is good to know that we give this kind of instruction to every one we sell a boat to. No wonder our customers love their boats...

When showing you my personal tips and tricks, I teach you what comes from 15 years of high speed boating and racing in all kinds of different boat/engine configurations. I make it a day to remember by combinding the run itself with a good lunch or dinner for your enthusiasm and skills to rise rapidly! I learn you the theoretics and why high performance boats have developed into what they are today. It is great to understand the physics and why they can both run fast and stabile. In just a day, your knowledge and driving skills will exceed most other boaters' and you will be able to drive a lot faster in rough waters and a lot safer for you and your passengers. It is great when doing a poker run with your family and/or your best friends. It is a adrenaline RUSH and a lot of boats are passing at a short distance. This is well spent money! 

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