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Your boat is a reflection of your own personality. The fastest boats are slick!

Play Marine has always been involved in caretaking of boats. Book your detailing today and get high value for your money as we always do every single boat with great know how and the right techniques and with the best professional products. On the picture above, you see the result of a tough job on a sadly neglected Fountain 47...

1) Rinse and cleaning
2) Buffing out dirt on the surface
3) Water grinding by hand with 1500 paper
4) Water grinding by hand with 2000 paper
5) Heavy compounding with electric buffer and 3M Fast Cut compound on yellow heavy duty pad
6) Compounding another time with a softer pad and 3M Fast Cut compound (water high speed buffing at the end)
7) A full flush-down with water to absorb the hull with new electrons and reduce the static electricity after the harsh treatment with the buffing. Now all the 3M dust disappear.
7) Polishing with Radiant Wax Polish (water high speed buffing at the end)
8) Machine waxing with Synthetic Sealant for maximum cleaning of the previos compounds and a long lasting surface that is easy to maintain.

We use a polymeer-based sealer instead of the traditional Carnuba wax. Carnuba is a wax that is usually dissolved in kerosene (petroleum destilates). Carnuba in itself will not damage your gelcoat, but the petroleum destilates will, and that is why you should not use Carnuba on gelcoat. The sealer will also last much longer. If your boat is fully painted, Carnuba wax will be fine, yet not withstand saltwater and sunlight to he same extent as the polymeer sealer.
The above example is the more extreme version of detailing, but neccesary if the boat looks rally bad. When you first have got the bright lustre back in your gelcoat, then it is alot easier and faster (and less expencivee) next year! The compounding process in the first place is anyway the most important as this flattens the surface and this is what gives the real lustre in the end when the boat is finally polished and waxed. We call it Play Marine KNOW HOW!!  And there are no short-cuts to a perfect end-result. But it is possible to do it right the first time, and with efficiency.

We reccomend to do a full detailng of the boat at least two times per year. Always flush of salt from the hull. Keep the temperature of the gelcoat at a lowest possible minimum in the summers. To protect it with a cover is absolutely a good advice. But make sure the cover is ventilated, as a dark cover over the gelcoat also can make the gelcoat very hot, and the wax will dissappear within a short time. DO use a shampoo with wax in it and preferrably use also a flush wax in the water to add more wax to the surface every time you wash your boat.

Enjoy your slick boat with pride! It is a great investment.
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