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Certified Knowledge.

A lot of maintenance on your boat can be done by Erik Eriksen, and for the heaviest task, we hire specific experts who are suited. Play Marine's main focus is sales, but after ten years in the powerboat business, we are able to assist in a variety of different situations.

Some of our boats need more than just a qualified mechanic if something goes wrong. After a few years, we have tried different power boat mechanics, and the only one we know deliver real quality and who is pollite enough is Andrée Bakkegaard. Andrée is the man behind the new Predator Powerboats. A new name in the powerboat world. He moved back to Norway in 2006 and build his Predator boat from scratch right after 5 years in Florida as mechanic at the Nor-Tech factory. We have used him for demanding mechanical work and the quality delivered is second to none. Our strong friendship enable us to offer his technical services to you which is a one-of-a-kind service in Scandinavia. Andrée is one of  an elite few who are certified by Mercury Racing T.E.A.M. (Technical Engine Application Management). The specialists in the T.E.A.M. group, are talented mechanics, and the only ones factory trained at Mercury Racing and experienced enough to work on the hand build, high performance Racing series, by Mercury Racing. You will not be disappointed...
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