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Trailer development USA / EU

Powerboaters know the huge difference in quality between a custom made american boat trailer and the standard european alternatives. The fact that US trailers need to be certified after european rules and regulations, have unfortunately avoided them to be used legally on European roads. As the only company in Europe, we co-operate with american trailer parts manufacturers to legalize and make use of these high quality and good looking trailers fully legal through out Europe. If you need a trailer for you boat, we are able to supply the best trailers in the world with registration for you the hi-performance boat enthusiast. 

Latest news: 25/9 We are working to make goose neck trailers availible for Europe with electric over hydraulic brakes. Perfect for long distance hauls and made for launching your hi-performance boat on a boat ramp.

As the first supplier of performance boats in Europe to get registrations (with today's laws and regulations), we are happy and proud to offer you state-of-the-art hazzle free American performance boat trailers. At the time of writing, this currently apply to trailers shorter than 12,40m. long with HYDRAULIC SURGE COUPLERS ONLY. The unique about this is the fact that we maintain the hydraulic brakes intact which is the most durable and well working system on a boat trailer build to date. Suspention, axles, bearings etc. are also made to be submersible, enabling the use of carpeted bunks instead of roller wheels for your boat. It puts a lot less stress to the boat bottom and make launching the boat A LOT easier. For the performance boater, it is important to keep the running surface straight and not concav. In the end, there are really no alternatives to the American custom trailer! This is the place to get them.
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