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Play Marine can assist you in many ways.

Through a well maintained and "ship shape" boat, our customers tell us about many never-to-be-forgotten experiences they have got with their boats. We give the neccesary service and we know how to take care of, and handle, your boat.

Our mechanic is the only one in Norway certified by Mercury Racing (T.E.A.M. - Technical Engine Application Management) to handle all kind of technical work on your hi-performance power unit. Not only enable this a thrustful service in case a problem should occure, but this experience also come in handy when giving advice for what to buy and what to avoid. Good advices save you thousands on the bill and let you be a lot longer on the water.

The detailing is also what can make a real difference for your boating experience. We work fast and right, with the right equipment, to make any boat come back close to its new condition. We also provide an optional service deal to customers who prefer to run the boat only, and not want to take care of any maintainance. Call us to discuss a deal that suit your needs.  
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