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The ultimate boat experience!

What is your ultimate boating experience?
Many powerboaters would instantly answer by telling about a successful participation in a poker run! But what is really a poker run? A poker run is a friendly sport for the adventurous action lover. An event for the ultimate in enjoyment in a speed boat. There are undoubtly most poker runs in the US, but over the last years, this sport has been adopted by many local boat clubs in Europe in many variations. If you are not already a fan of this sport, it's about time you join this group of people and get your own speed machine.

From RIB tenders to large 50 ft. catamarans with quad engines via italian "haute couture" Riva boats, the main goal is to bring the biggest smile on your face while testing your own capabilities and limitations with either your friends, your family or even your business partners. This is why many have fallen in love with their hi-performance speed boat. It enables a unique experience with a special society in a private atmosphere.

We say like the Gumball 3000 organizers: "This is not a race, it's a rally".
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