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Continious Marketing

PLAY MARINE specialize in building customer relationships, sell power boats, finding boats, service and most other things that have antything with fast boats to do!

Buy your next powerboat through this company. It can save you a lot of time and money. Or let us sell your present one. Play Marine's unique concept is not only to sell extraordinary products, but to gather a lot more customers from all the European countries. We believe this will, over time, increase the demand for powerboats. It will also enable us to have the most interesting "inventory" with more and less expencive alternatives for that extraordinary boating experience. We can, through our website and continious contact with powerboat enthusiaast, -do a continious marketing of YOUR boat. Even if it is not for sale at the moment, we believe it will be faster to sell it if the market has been exposed to pictures and information about THAT SPECIFIC BOAT. Remember that these boats are rare "high-end" products that are hard to find for most of us. And especially in the desired color combination and with the right engines. Call or e-mail Erik today and discuss what could be the ideal boat for you.

Play Marine is your gateway to performance boating in Europe. We will get you the boat of your dreams from Europe or from the United States. We take care of shipping and documentation too.
We have a very professional export agent with many years of power boat shipping experience.

Join our mailing-list and get updates with interesting news from the powerboat world, invitations to poker runs, and custom offerings.

For a summer full of enjoyment and adrenaline, the experience starts here!
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