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The best boats deserve the best trailers.

We are not having an inventory for trailers, but we sell trailers from time to time.

We reccomend that you find a custom made trailer for your hull design and center of gravity, or adjust a universal design trailer to perfectly support your boat. The carpeted bunks MUST be carrying your transom in order to maintain a flat bottom. If the trailer is too short, it can make a hook (concave profil)  into your hull, resulting in slower speed much like when you run your trim tabs a little down. Ask us which type of trailer would be ideal for your application.

Be aware that trailers do need maintainance, and that it is dangerous to travel along the road with a neglected trailer. For example, you would not drive your car through the mountains with brakes or lights not working properly. Why would you do it with your boat that you love so much...? We know European and American tailers with their bearings, brake discs or drums, lightning and tires. Make sure you fix your trailer problems BEFORE the accident actually happens!


2005 MYCO Custom Trailers 38 foot with electric over hydraulic brakes. Triple axle for ultimate reliability and weight distribution. Max load capacity: 4800 kg. Paid VAT to Norway. Not yet with registration. Used only for storage of the boat in Norway. Build for a Fountain 38 Center Console. The boat is sold. Trailer still availible. NB: This is the Rolls Royce of boat trailers!!  PRICE: NOK 29.000,-. The trailer can be delivered anywhere at an additional cost.

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